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The future of the sound technology.

Ata Erol's tracks will soon be in Hi-Fi quality and with support for Dolby Atmos.

What is Hi-Fi and Dolby Atmos?


Hi-Fi means high accuracy sound. So the music in the studio is like that's how you hear it.

Dolby Atmos

Sounds gain size with Dolby Atmos, the audio technology of the future. For example, if the sound in the music comes from afar, you hear it coming from there.


Since the music is not compressed, you hear the sounds in the clearest way.

Why Hi-Fi and Dolby Atmos?

I continue my career, which I set out by trying to use the latest software and technologies in music from the beginning, with Dolby Atmos, which I believe is the sound technology of the future.

It was my vision from the beginning to deliver the music I produced in the studio to you in the most lossless way.

-Ata Erol

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