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Early Life

Erol was born in Sakarya, Turkey, to the family of İbrahim and Zuhal Erol. He started making music at an early age and learned to play drum, organ, guitar, and piano. In 2013, he expressed interest in becoming a DJ after seeing Martin Garrix perform at that year's Tomorrowland event.

musıc career

In 2017, Erol launched a radio podcast with Turkey’s most popular radio station Power FM. He also registered to MEF University in Maslak, Istanbul, for Electrical and Electronics Engineering at that year. He did live DJ performances at high school in Sakarya.

In 2015, Erol released his first mixtape titled "Hotter Than The Sun" on Soundcloud in Deep house and Electro house genre. He released his first track titled "Space" in collaboration with Vevo. He started building his fanbase. He also released his second mixtape titled "Beach Essentials" in the same year and got the support of the famous Turkish DJ, Emre Tankut Karakurt.

In 2016, Erol released his second track "Pencil" in Deep house genre. He ranked number 4 on Spinnin' Records Talent Pool Top 100 and also released "Denebola" in 2016 on YouTube.

In 2017 Erol released "Game Over." He also released "Confused" and got 1 million streams on SoundCloud.

In 2019, He published "The Universe Is Ours" and ranked top 10 on iTunes Dance Chart. He sold "The Universe Is Ours" themed merchandise. In 2020, he released ‘You’ in Dance and Pop genre and got the support of singer Kelli-Leigh.

Press photo of Ata Erol

Press photo of Ata Erol


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